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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I contact you?
  2. Why is shipping and handling so expensive?
  3. How can I minimize shipping costs?


  1. How can I contact you?

    Our main email address is:
    Technology being what it is, occasionally a server will be down so if you receive no response there, please try

    Our toll-free number is: (877) 218-2424, or locally: (717) 766-4112

    Our mailing address is: 39 West Locust Street; Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

  2. Why is shipping and handling so expensive?

    Three factors affect shipping and handling costs:
    1. UPS rates: Their rates are based on package size, weight, and shipping destination. Distance is the biggest factor there but some areas are more because their location is farther away from major shipping hubs or present other shipping challenges. For more information, please contact UPS directly.
    2. Package contents: Many items sold on our website are derived partially or completely from petrolium. US shipping regulations require us to label them with an ORMD designation. These are products that would be considered hazardous in larger quantities but are sold at our site in small enough packages to minimize shipping hazards. However, they can only be shipped ground.
    3. Packaging and handling: Extra care is provided because of the nature of what is being shipped. This often includes inner packaging to prevent smaller items from shifting around and getting damaged in transit. Beyond that, we provide extra padding from the inside out. These extra steps require more materials and labor.

  3. How can I minimize shipping costs?

    1) We offer a Free Shipping option for select items being shipped in the contiguous 48 states, because they can be shipped by the US Post Office--or the order is sufficient size to allow for the shipping cost to be absorbed. A Budget Shipping option is available for many other items. The budget shipping method is determined by factors of size, weight, and destination and is not always handled by UPS.

    2) If you do choose UPS, you might want to consider including more items in the order will make the shipping costs much less per item. For instance, 2 bottles of Bristol Cream polish will go in the same package as 1 bottle. The weight is slightly more but the cost to ship, per bottle, is almost cut in half. Even if the items ordered are not the same--like aerosols, fill sticks, and markers ordered together--the cost is still significantly less per item.

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