Magna-Shield Clear Pre-Catalyzed Gloss Lacquer (1 gal)

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Magna-Shield® Clear Lacquer:

There is no product like it on the market. It has been optimized through unique technology so no thinning or retarder is needed under most ambient application conditions. There is no window of recoatability and no restriction on the number of overall coats applied. No other finish can boast such performance. Apply as supplied through quality grade spray equipment and you get good looking and smooth results straight from the gun, and a very tough and durable finish. Furthermore, Magna-Shield® does not project that harsh solvent odor typified by other pre-cat lacquers on the market. With such fine attributes, no wonder it constitutes 90% of our solvent-based lacquer sales and, is the leading wood lacquer on the market and most economical performance wise too.

How Magna-Shield® Stands Out From The Rest:
x Recoat anytime, and no limit on number of coats*
x Sanding between each coat not a must
x Self-Sealing* and Quick Drying
x VOC Compliant in all States, except California
x Tough and durable with excellent chemical resistance
x High Build, Non-Yellowing, with superb clarity
x Ready to spray with excellent flow and leveling
x Looks superb over stained wood or as a natural finish
x Non-Blushing (up to 96% Relative Humidity)
x No catalyst/pot life problem or restrictions
x No thinner or retarder needed in most applications
x Smooth finish straight from the spray gun
x Meets KCMA standards for use on kitchen cabinets

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